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Products of TM "Dary Laniv" are produced at JSC "Mohyliv-Podilsky Canned Food Factory" from selected vegetables, fruits and berries, after being carefully grown in the ecologically clean area in the fertile lands of Podillya.

The range of the TM "Dary Laniv" is more than 50 names of high-quality and tasty products which are available to consumers in all regions of Ukraine and exported to many other countries. All products are made from natural ingredients according to traditional homemade recipes of Podillya and are packaged only in glass containers, which allows to preserve its quality and beneficial properties.
"High quality - good taste" – just this slogan meets the entire range of products of TM "Dary Laniv ". In order to ensure the accuracy of this statement we suggest you to taste our products!


  • JSC "Mohyliv-Podilsky Canned Food Factory" was founded in 1929 as a point on processing of vegetables and fruits, has long experience of producing canned products and specializes in the production of juices and canned vegetables since 1999.

  • In April 2003, from the founding of TM "Dary Laniv", was started an active period of development of the production of own brand juices and canned vegetables, during which there was introduction of modern equipment and the development of production capacity. This made it possible to increase productivity and quality control, and expand its products range.

  • Since 2004 was introduced a modern production line for the production of fruit and berry preserves and it was established the production of jams TM "Dary Laniv".

  • In early 2010, began active development of partnership relations in the sector PRIVATE LABEL, which contributed to establishing a system of production to other well-known companies as well as the rapid development of export direction.


Today, JSC "Mohyliv-Podilsky Canned Food Factory" is a modern enterprise, which is provided by highly productive manufacturing technologies, as well as the necessary infrastructure. The company has four production halls, which are equipped with mechanized lines and provide a full cycle of processing of raw materials and production. Service of production provide 5 auxiliary workshops.

Own agricultural complex grows enough vegetables, fruits and berries, to fully meet needs of the production our canned products. When growing only manual methods of processing and collection are used. Watering and soil treatment are carried out by modern agricultural equipment. For storage of the harvested crop a special high-tech refrigeration equipment by 5000 tonnes is used.

The quality of each stage of production, from growing and harvesting to the final product, are carefully controlled by the skilled team.
Nowadays JSC "Mohyliv-Podilsky Canned Food Factory" does not stop on achieved, it constantly introduces new technologies into production, improves the product quality control system, expands its product range, makes everything possible in order to satisfy the tastes and demands of even the most capricious customers!


  • A wide range of canned fruits and vegetables, produced according to homemade recipes from natural ingredients.

  • A wide range of preserves, jam and confectionery fillings with freshly gathered fruits and berries.

  • The range of pure and blended natural fruit and vegetable juices, prepared by special modern technology of fresh fruit squeezing.

  • Sale of fresh selected vegetables, fruits and berries from the manufacturer grown in the ecologically clean area of Podillya.

  • Product output in the segment of PRIVATE LABEL for other companies.


JSC "Mohyliv-Podilsky Canned Food Factory" for many years not only offers its products under its own brand, but also successfully cooperates with well-known companies in the segment PRIVATE LABEL. Since 2010 was first started cooperation towards PRIVATE LABEL.

Today, our production is constantly produces products for various well-known companies / brands. Among the customers of JSC "Mohyliv-Podilsky Canned Food Factory": LLC "Retail Group Ukraine" (Caravan hypermarket chain, "TopMart") TM "Po-Nashomu" - Ukraine; "Ukr-Trade" TM "Schebpak" - Ukraine; Chain stores "Furshet" - Ukraine; Retailers large pocket, VK Express VK Select, and Velmart Milky Way TM "Hit Products", "1" - Ukraine; TM "Bonduelle" - Ukraine; TM "Estel", "Emela", "OGO" - Germany; TM "RUBAN FOODS", "Grandma tomatoes" - USA; TM "KRONIS" - Lithuania; TM "ROSITTEN", "GATVE" - Latvia; TM "POSOLSKYY court" - Israel, TM "Bella Cottage" - Belarus, TM "Roada Gliei" - Moldova and others.